Board meetings are held at Station #1 on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM

  • Chairman - Jay Hanna

  • Vice Chairman - Sharron Wells

  • Secretary - Wendy Abel-Hatzel

  • Board Member/Budget Officer - Rex Miller

  • Board Member - Jordan Slape

Chairman   Jay Hanna


Jay Hanna

Board Member/Budget Officer   Rex Miller

Board Member/Budget Officer

Rex Miller

Vice Chairman   Sharron Wells

Vice Chairman

Sharron Wells

Board Member   Jordan Slape

Board Member

Jordan Slape

Secretary   Wendy Abel-Hatzel


Wendy Abel-Hatzel

Millington Rural Fire Protection District
August 15th, 2019



Regular Session:

·         Call to Order

·         Public Comment

·         Reading of Minutes

·         Payment of Bills


Unfinished Business:

·         Command rig

·         54

·         SOG to SDAO


New Business:

·         Surplus property policy

·         Add new board member to bank account

·         Re-elect Positions

·         Chiefs Report



Anything for Good of Order